Great new Tag-functionality in Sugar 7.7. But… how to use it?

Sugar comes out of the box with great search-features which allows users to get the relevant data with as much ease as possible.  Options like global-search, configurable full-text search and module-based filtering make searching for relevant data already a great experience.

Although great features, there is always room for improvement. One of these improvements, introduced in Sugar 7.7 is record-tagging. But, how does it best complement the already available features?

Record Categories

Let’s Consider the records in the Accounts-module. Out of the box for example, we try tor create order by qualifying the accounts by Type and Industry-type, Most likely, you have introduced some more custom-fields to further qualify accounts and use them in your module-filtering and reporting and that works great for you. Typically, these fields are defined as drop-down field. But, you may have noticed that it won’t do much for full-text search and global-search. This is because Drop-down type of fields are not indexed for full-text search.  This is were tagging comes into play and can work nicely for you.

Let’s assume the following situation where we have a number of accounts with industry-type defined:


Search Tags

We have tried to search for Technology in the Global-search area. As expected, the Global-search comes up empty because it is not possible to mark a Drop-down field (as is Industry-type) as Full Text Searchable.

Now, let’s see what happens if some tagging is applied. We’re going to apply the tag ‘Technology’ to Company Albicons and Open Group BV:

Add tags to record


Please note that the tag ‘Technology’  does not exist yet and is labeled as New Tag. When this tag is selected it will be created and added to the record.

Add tags to record 2


Now, let’s proceed and tag Open Group as well. When we start typing the tag Technology, Sugar suggests the previously created  tag Technology. So, we can simply select this one and have this record-tagging done.

Select Tag on Record


Now we are done tagging and have the following result:

tag in list-view


Now, let’s see what happens when we are going to search for Technology in the Global-search box:

tag is search filter


Sugar finds Technology as a Tag and allows us to select this tag first before continuing the search. Basically, we are adding filter-items in the Global-searchbox which narrows down the search-results

tag is search


We can build further upon this search-result by typing other criteria like another tag, or the text that we want to search. For example the search for text ‘Sugar’

Sugar tag in search 2

Sugar narrowed down the search because it found the text ‘Sugar’ in the description-field of Account-record Albicons.

Other considerations

In the previous example, we tagged records within the module Accounts. But, every tag that is created can be used on records in any other module. This can make the use of Global-search even more interesting.

Because every user can create tags, things can get out of hand if the sugar-users are not instructed how to use this feature, particularly what defines a tag. Authorized users can review te use of tags in the Tags-module and optionally remove, add or import tags.